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Section 7 - Web Sites

One of the primary goals of the Centennial of Flight Commission is to increase the overall awareness of the centennial and related centennial events. To assist in achieving that goal, the Centennial of Flight Commission's legislation enables it to develop and maintain a public Web page on the Internet that includes activities related to the centennial of flight celebration and the history of aviation. The Centennial of Flight Commission's first generation Web page "went live" at www.centennialofflight.gov in July 2000. Additional educational, historical, calendar, sights and sounds, and Centennial of Flight Commission information is being incorporated into the site on an ongoing basis. The site itself is intended to be the single point of entry for activities and information related to the Centennial of Flight Commission, and contains information for everyone from aviation novices to educators to industry experts. Ultimately, the site will include links to other educational and historical resources on aviation and aerospace subjects. In fiscal year 2001, the Centennial of Flight Commission advertised a Web site Enhancement Procurement. Awards were made to organizations that provide creditable, historical and educational information electronically to enhance the content of the Centennial of Flight Commission Web site. This procurement will be advertised again in fiscal years 2002 and 2003.

Inventing Flight: Dayton 2003's Web site is www.inventingflight.com. The site is a good source for updated information on current events, including media releases and events. Future enhancements will include detailed information about the City of Dayton's centennial of flight events and activities, including time, date, location, and online ticket and merchandise sales.

The First Flight Centennial Foundation's Web site is www.firstflightcentennial.org. Features include information on capital improvements at Wright Brothers National Memorial, event information, the monthly Wright Brothers' Trivia Challenge and sources for official First Flight Centennial merchandise.

The Experimental Aircraft Association has two Web sites. The first is www.eaa.org, and the second, which is more specific to the centennial celebration, is www.countdowntokittyhawk.com.

NASA's Web sites are:

FAA historical and educational material is currently available at the following Web sites:

National Air and Space Museum's Web site is www.nasm.edu/. The site will have the 2003 exhibition, The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Aerial Age, online. There will also be an Udvar-Hazy Center Web site.

First Flight Centennial Commission's Web site is www.firstflightnc.com. The First Flight Centennial Commission Web site features information on current centennial events sponsored by the North Carolina Commission, educational programs, extensive links to other key sites and a growing calendar of centennial events in North Carolina for 2003.

Wright Brothers National Memorial Web site is located at www.nps.gov/wrbr.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park has a Web page on the National Park Service server at www.nps.gov/daav/. The Web site provides basic information and educational materials to include information on each of the park sites and the park partners. Two curriculum guides are available via the Web site, one for grades 4-6 and another for secondary students.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics's Evolution of Flight Campaign's Web site is www.flight100.org and it has been created solely to promote the Evolution of Flight Campaign and the programs and special activities planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight. Recently redesigned, the Web site is now enhanced by an interactive chat room, history of flight timeline, profiles of aviation pioneers, interactive simulations and experiments, image gallery, and historical archives.

Aviation Week's Next Century of Flight program capitalizes on its connection to Aviation Week's AviationNow.com to create a dynamic, global point of entry for everyone interested in the past, present and future of flight to explore their unique interests. The Next Century of Flight Web site is www.AviationNow.com/NextCentury and it features news, information and insight about the past, present and future of flight. AviationNow.com connects the Next Century of Flight Channel with more than 800,000 user sessions per month and features Aviation Week and McGraw-Hill Education content, plus links to partner content and additional information and curriculum sources. Specific content areas include: Timelines of Milestone Aircraft, News and Views, Events Calendar, Gallery and Archive, and the LIFTOFF! Educational site.

The Wright Experience's Web site, www.wrightexperience.com, is updated regularly to reflect the ongoing activities in aircraft manufacture, research, and the presentation of educational materials. The Wright Experience is producing material for the Centennial of Flight Commission's Web Enhancement procurement opportunities. These will include in depth presentations on the following subjects: The Vertical Four Engine; The Controls of the Wright Model B; The Restoration of the Wrights' Number 3 Engine; The 1899 Kite; The 1901 Glider; The 1901 Wind Tunnel; and The 1903 Flyer.

The Wright Experience has delivered the first of these sites, The Vertical Four Engine, which is currently hosted on the Centennial of Flight Commission's site. The other sites are in production and will be delivered at 4-6 week intervals.

The Aviation World's Fair 2003's Web site can be found at www.awf2003.com. The site provides a wealth of informational material including global contact points about the Aviation World's Fair 2003 itself, as well as links to further attractions in and around the Aviation World's Fair 2003 Hampton Roads, Va. location. There are hot links to aviation museums throughout the world, as well as links to a number of other educational and aviation-related sites.

The U.S. Air Force Museum's Web site registered more than 32 million hits in 2000. Located at www.wpafb.af.mil/museum/, the Web site contains nearly 3,000 pages of information and photographs about aircraft, artifacts, exhibits, galleries, special events, educational programs and museum news. Projecting the story and legacy of U.S. Air Force history to a global audience, the Web site is an invaluable resource for visitors, staff, supporters, media, researchers, authors and the general public.

Special Collections and Archives in the Wright State University Libraries can be found at www.libraries.wright.edu, Special Collections. The Web site contains the following feature pages:


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