U S Centennial of Flight Commission F Y 2000 Report to Congress

Web Site and Calendar of Events

As discussed above, one of the primary goals of the Commission is to increase the overall awareness of the centennial and of related centennial events. To assist in achieving that goal, the Commission's legislation enables it to develop and maintain a public Web page on the Internet that includes activities related to the centennial of flight celebration and the history of aviation. In addition, the Commission has the authority to assemble a calendar of events scheduled to take place in the United States (as well as significant events around the world) dealing with the commemoration of the centennial, and to make the calendar available via the Commission's Web page.

The Commission's first generation Web page "went live" at www.centennialofflight.gov in July 2000. Additional educational, historical, and calendar information will be incorporated into the site on an ongoing basis. The Web site design was selected by the Commissioners from four prototype design candidates developed with support from NASA. The site itself is intended to be the single point-of-entry for activities related to the Centennial of Flight Commission, and contains information for everyone from aviation novices to educators to industry experts. Ultimately, the site will include lists of speakers on centennial and related topics, links to other educational resources on aviation and aerospace subjects, a History of Aviation Timeline, information on the Wright Brothers Digital Archive, links to on-line news services for coverage of centennial events around the Nation, bibliographies on the history of flight, and information on the Commission and Commission operations.

In addition to considerations to ensure the provision of high-quality centennial-related content, the Commission's Web site was designed to feature maximum reliability, accessibility, and security. The site is housed on robust, redundant servers with the ability to handle upwards of a million visitors a day. It is accessible to individuals with disabilities and is designed so as to offer a quality presentation to users at all technical levels (including varying communications speeds). Both the supporting hardware and software are operating under the same operational and security standards that have enabled NASA to maintain the integrity of its Web presence.

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