U S Centennial of Flight Commission F Y 2000 Report to Congress

Development of Centennial of Flight Exhibit and Brochure

As part of its effort to increase the awareness of the centennial, the Commission sponsored the development of a brochure and portable Centennial of Flight exhibit. The display, standing approximately nine feet by nine feet, portrays many of the key scenes from the first century of aviation and aerospace against a vignette of an early Wright brothers' flight. The accompanying text reinforces the importance of the centennial of flight, introduces the viewer to the Centennial of Flight Commission, and includes contact information. The Commission brochure uses many of the same images and messages, including a decadal timeline of aviation and aerospace history. The display was unveiled for the first time at the EAA's AirVenture Oshkosh 2000 air show in late July and early August 2000; approximately 3,000 brochures were also distributed during the event. The display will be actively exhibited at aviation, aerospace, and educational venues as the run-up to the centennial approaches.

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