U S Centennial of Flight Commission F Y 2000 Report to Congress

FY 2001 Priorities

The Commission is already laying plans to build on the momentum established during FY 2000. Early priorities identified for FY 2001 include:

  • Providing a Forum to Better Communicate Centennial Events. A regular portion of each Commission meeting will be devoted to understanding the events and celebrations planned by other organizations. Many of these organizations have wide-ranging and ambitious plans for the celebration of the centennial. We will begin by hearing the presentations of the remaining organizations considered for the sixth Commission seat.
  • Recommendations for Legislation and Administrative Actions. As chartered by its legislation, the Commission will continue its efforts to identify and recommend legislative and/or executive actions required to support the Nation's celebration of the centennial of powered flight.
  • Developing a Detailed Communications Strategy. The Commission and Commission staff will work to refine and implement a communications strategy and specific activities that will support the Commission's mission and increase the overall awareness of the centennial and related events. Included in this strategy will be how we will encourage and provide advice to individuals and organizations to conduct their own activities in celebration of the centennial of flight. The Commission will also continue to refine the process and criteria used in accepting events for inclusion in the Calendar of Events and in making recommendations to NASA regarding appropriate usage of the Commission logo.
  • Convening the First Meeting of the Commission's First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board. Priority will be given to assisting in the selection of the remaining Advisory Board members and to convening the first Advisory Board meeting. The Commission views the support and participation of the individuals and organizations represented on the Board to be vital to the success of their mutual endeavor.
As noted by Congress in the Commission's legislation, "the achievement by the Wright Brothers stands as a triumph of American ingenuity, inventiveness, and diligence in developing technologies, and remains an inspiration for all Americans." The Commission believes that the spirit created by the first flight is alive and well, and is manifested in the many celebrations and activities that are being planned between now and December 17, 2003. The Commission looks forward to continuing to work with Congress, the Administration, and numerous State and local partners to ensure that these commemorative events form an inspirational foundation for an even more dramatic and successful second century of flight.

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