U S Centennial of Flight Commission F Y 2000 Report to Congress

FY 2000 Budget Report

The FY 2000 appropriation for the Centennial of Flight Commission was $600,000. Of that amount:

  • $234,868 was expended on the development and maintenance of the Web site selected by the Commission, which became operational on July 26, 2000;
  • $350,000 was obligated to begin development of a detailed timeline of aviation and aerospace history. This timeline will be a featured component on the Commission's Web site and will support both general awareness and educational activities;
  • $4,359 was used for travel and miscellaneous expenses. Travel monies were primarily expended in support of the Commission's presence at the EAA's AirVenture Oshkosh 2000, one of the largest exhibitions of flight (a detailed accounting of travel and miscellaneous expenditures is available from Commission staff); and
  • $10,773 was forwarded to the Library of Congress to begin the updating of a comprehensive Wright Brothers bibliography, again for use in conjunction with the Commission's Web site.
The Commission staff currently consists of three full time non-reimbursable NASA civil servants. During the Commission's initial start-up, office space has been provided on a non-reimbursable basis by NASA. Additional support has been provided by NASA and the FAA in the areas of procurement, resources management, legal, and information technology, as well as sundry equipment and office supplies. Consistent with the Commission's statutory authorities, all procurements of supplies and services were conducted by the FAA or NASA. Starting with FY 2001, the Commission will expend its appropriated funds for office space, supplies, equipment, etc.

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