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A procurement was awarded September 29, 2000 to Proxtronics, Inc., an 8(a) firm in Burke, Virginia.  Under this contract, the “Timeline” feature of our Centennial of Flight Commission website will be developed.  Specifically, the contractor will provide approximately 500 brief, narrative essays describing significant events in aviation history and the history of aeronautics covering the period from 1783 to 2003.  These essays will include graphics and photographic images as well as a 1,000-entry dictionary of persons, places and things important to understanding the history of aviation and aeronautics. The targeted reading level of all essays will be 9th grade through adult. A meeting has been scheduled with the President of Proxtronics in mid-October.


On October 2, 2000, I met with Michael Gessel from Congressman Tony Hall’s office, who actually drafted the Commission legislation.


The White House Personnel Office called to report that background investigations for four nominees to the First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board had begun.  This process could last from 30 – 60 days before final confirmation.


The Centennial of Flight Commission exhibit was displayed at the Kennedy Space Center for the 100th Space Shuttle launch.  A piece of the original Wright Flyer went into space on this trip.


The COF exhibit was also on display in Elizabeth City, NC on Saturday, October 14, 2000 at the USCG open house that commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Coast Guard Station located there.  Over two thousand COF brochures were distributed.


The signed Minutes of our September 12, 2000 Commission meeting were faxed October 11, 2000.


A COFC staff member participated in the Aeronautic Education Coordinating Committee (AECC) Meeting that was hosted by NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland on October 10 –13, 2003.  The AECC membership consists of representatives from all five NASA Aerospace Technology Center Offices of Education, NASA Headquarters Office of Aerospace Technology, and NASA Headquarters Education Division.  One of the primary topics of discussion was NASA’s Anniversary of Flight Strategic Plan.  The Plan includes elements to target both education and public outreach and is intended to guide the AECC’s future development of programs and products the next three and a half years.  The AECC also discussed how existing aerospace related educational materials could also be incorporated into the Anniversary of Flight efforts.  Representatives from EAA also joined the AECC group to discuss how EAA and NASA can establish a partnership.  Both tactical and strategic partnership initiatives were discussed.  A draft MOU is being developed by EAA. 


The History and Education Panel is in the process of scheduling their first meeting to develop the criteria for calendar event endorsement by the Commission and use of the Commission logo.


The FY 2000 Annual Report is going into its final concurrence cycle, which includes the FAA, the National Park Service and NASA. The Report is prepared for Gen. Dailey’s signature transmitting it to the President of the Senate.


We have met many times on the “Submit an Event” button and expect it to go “live” before Halloween.


A letter is being prepared for Gen. Dailey’s signature to invite the unsuccessful candidates for the 6th Commission seat to give a briefing to the Commission on their plans for the centennial celebration.


A letter is also being prepared for Gen. Dailey’s signature surveying Federal agencies for their plans for celebrating the centennial of flight.  This was an action from the September Commission meeting.


The Transportation Appropriations Bill for FY 2001 for the FAA includes language that states  “… not less than $750,000 shall be for the Centennial of Flight Commission….”


Press Releases:


            October 5, 2000 - The Senate gave final approval to a bill with $2,083,000 for the Dayton Aviation National Historical Park and a related federal commission that promotes Dayton’s aviation heritage.  The House has already approved the bill and it now goes to the President, who is expected to sign it into law.


            October 5, 2000 - The Senate passed and sent to the White House a bipartisan measure by Reps. Tony P. Hall (D-Ohio) and Dave Hobson (R-Ohio) and Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) to remove a major hurdle blocking the future development of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park and to include several buildings in the park boundaries.


            October 5, 2000 – Inventing Flight last week announced the selection of a site at Deeds Point as Celebration Central for the city’s centennial events in July 2003.  Inventing Flight also agreed this week to participate in the EAA’s “Countdown to Kitty Hawk” program, which will bring the EAA’s replica 1903 Wright Flyer to Dayton for a visit.