Continental Magazine 370,129 October Brion O'Connor How Time Flies A national centennial of flight celebration is planned for 2003, with major activities slated for North Carolina.  
Sky Writings (Air Jamaica)   October Laura Gambrill The Centennial of Flight - Born of Dreams Inspired by Freedom Nationwide COF celebration in 2003. Mentions AIAA tour and COFC Web site address.  
Flight International   10/15/2002 Michael Phelan Wright stuff Events occuring throughout the nation and the world for the centennial of powered flight. Describes international events, as well as COFC, EAA, AIAA, Inventing Flight, Fayetteville, National Air Tours and more.  
Chicago Tribune 689,026 10/24/2002 Michael Kilian Several centennial events to mark Wrights' first flight Centennial of Flight events planned throughout 2003.  Mentions Ken Hyde/EAA; Harry Combs' donation; and NASM exhibit.   
Dayton Daily News 137,439 10/24/2002 Tim Gaffney Commission prepares for yearlong celebration of flight First joint meeting of the COFC and Advisory Board. Local
The Periscope   10/24/2002   Navy pilot learns secrets of Wright brothers Navy aviator leanred to fly Wright replicas with Nick Engler at Jockey's Ridge.  
Dayton Daily News 137,439 10/25/2002 Tim Gaffney Aviation experts assemble at Wright State Recap of the the Oct. 24 COFC/Advisory Board meeting. Local
Denver Post 304,544 10/27/2002 Greg Griffin Denver aviation pioneer to help re-create Wright flight Wright flyers are being re-created in honor of the centennial of flight. Harry Combs donation will stay at NPS.