Free Lance Star   11/16/2002 Paul Sullivan The quest to fly Discusses Rick Young and Ken Hyde's work to re-discover the secrets of the Wright brothers.  
The Kansas City Star 269,188 11/24/2002 Scott Canon Wind is a constant companion at Wright brothers' flight site The Outer Banks was home to the Wrights' first flight and is now a popular vacation spot.  
San Francisco Chronicle 512,129 11/25/2002 Carl Hall How Wrights' ideas took flight a century ago, brothers created aviation from scratch Discusses the work that the Wright brothers did leading up to their first flight.  
The Cincinnati Post 270,000 11/26/2002 Carl Hall Years of toil proved as big as first flight Discusses the work that the Wright brothers did leading up to their first flight.  
Richmond Times-Dispatch 187,409 11/30/2002 Carl Hall How the Wrights dream took flight Discusses the work that the Wright brothers did leading up to their first flight. National News
The Boston Globe 463,116 12/1/2002 Jan Shepherd Wright flyer through Feb. 25 Finale to the yearlong Centennial of Flight celebration will take place next Dec. Details EAA Tour. Travel
The Fayetteville Observer 76,000 12/7/2002 Don Worthington Festival of Flight joins U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission Festival of Flight becomes the newest partner.  
USA Today 2,230,899 12/13/2002   10 great places to soar with historic aircraft Describes 10 aviation museums across the country that people should visit in honor of the Centennial. Travel
The Baltimore Sun 276,925 12/15/2002 AP Soaring to re-trace Wright brothers Terry Queijo is one of four pilots training to fly the 1903 reproduction Wright Flyer on the 100th anniversary next Dec.  
The News & Observer 163,295 12/15/2002 Catherine Clabby Airplane archaeology Discusses Ken Hyde's process for building the reproduction flyer in honor of the Centennial celebration.  
Richmond Times-Dispatch 187,409 12/18/2002 Peter Bacque Aviator builds Wright brothers' flyer for 100th anniversary Ken Hyde is building a reproduction flyer for the Centennial celebration.  
The Boston Globe 463,116 12/27/2002   The sky's the limit Editorial discussing the meaning of the Centennial year - inspiring the next generation. Includes a quote from Christian Markow.  
San Francisco Chronicle 512,129 1/2/2003 James Sullivan Milestones in 2003 Mentions the 100 anniversary celebration taking place in 2003.  
AAA Traveler 465,000 Jan/Feb Ruth Chin A century of flight As the nation celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first flight, the mid-west can be proud of its achievements in flight.  
Century of Flight (commerative issue of Aviation History)       (Entire issue is dedicated to 100 years of aviation history.)