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Two Wright Brothers’ educational posters have gone to the printers. We are hoping to unveil them at the 53rd Annual Wright Brothers Memorial Dinner on December 15, 2000.


General Dailey will be filming a piece for the NASA “Why?” Files on November 28, 2000. The subject of this feature is “The Case of the Challenging Flight.”  It is tentatively scheduled to air on March 14, 2001.  The NASA “Why?” Files program is targeted to grades 3-5 and reaches approximately 80,000 teachers and 1.9 million students.  The “Why?” Files is produced by the NASA Langley Research Center’s Office of Education in partnership with the AIAA Education Foundation, Busch Gardens; Williamsburg and Hampton City Public Schools; and NASA Langley’s Learning Technologies Project. (http://whyfiles.larc.nasa.gov)


The Centennial of Flight Annual Report was transmitted to Vice President Gore on November 14, 2000. It has been added to our web site, as has the Centennial of Flight Commemoration Act.


General Dailey signed a letter to the Chairperson, Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee on November 9, 2000, requesting consideration for a centennial of flight commemorative stamp.


Met with the Library of Congress staff to review photographs and possible motion picture files on the Wright Brothers. These images would potentially go on the Centennial of Flight web site.


The History and Education Panel met for the first time on November 9 to begin to develop the criteria for Commission endorsement.


Debbie Gallaway has been invited to serve on the selection committee for the 2001 Frank G. Brewer Trophy.


Received informational pamphlets from the Roger Richman Agency, Inc. Will be prepared to discuss the content/potential impact on the Commission (if any) soon.


Met with George Larson, Editor of the Air & Space Magazine. He suggested we consider developing a Public Service Announcement about the Centennial of Flight Commission and our web site.  That effort is underway.


Tom Crouch represented the Centennial of Flight at the annual meeting of Inventing Flight on November 16, 2000. Our exhibit was sent to the meeting as well.

We are starting to receive responses to our survey of Federal agencies requesting information as to their plans for the centennial celebration.


Traveling to New York on December 4 to meet with Greg Hamilton, Director, Strategic Programs, Aviation Week.


Will be attending the January 8, 2001, AIAA Evolution of Flight Committee Meeting in Reno, NV.


Participated in the FAA Aviation Education Teleconference on November 9.  Included in the teleconference were FAA Aviation Education Program Managers from the following regions – New England, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma, New Jersey, Alaska, Missouri, New York, Illinois, Washington, Georgia, Texas, and California.   The next one is scheduled for December 14.


Met with the Head of the Office of External Affairs at Langley Research Center about their involvement with the Aviation World’s Fair 2003.


The National Coalition for Aviation Education (NCAE) will conduct a meeting for its full membership on December 14, 2000 from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM.  The organization is comprised of approximately 40 organizations representing government, industry, and labor who have united to promote aviation education activities; increase public understanding of the importance of aviation; and support educational initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.