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**The next First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board meeting is March 21, 2002.**


CRT will be conducting a New York media tour the week of March 18. Meetings have been scheduled with major networks and publications to introduce them to the Centennial and discuss story ideas.


On March 20, NASA and the Commission will meet with Tom Madden to discuss a potential Centennial exhibit at Rockefeller Center. A meeting has also been scheduled with Peter Max to discuss his plans for a Centennial piece of art.


A Memorandum of Agreement with the U.S. Air Force is in the NASA signature loop.  Two new MOA’s are in process. They are with 3 Roads Communications and Aviation Specialty Resources, Inc. The Chicago Centennial of Flight Commission has approached us about an MOA also.


The licensing agreement with C. Forbes, Inc. is in the NASA signature cycle. We have recently received a second licensing proposal from the D.R. Marketing Group, Ltd.


Kurt Russell has resigned from his position on the Advisory Board due to time constraints. He is currently searching for a suitable celebrity replacement.


Partnership Updates


Inventing Flight and The Ohio Bicentennial Commission are hosting a reception celebrating “Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers” The Ohio Quarter, March 17, 2002. The official release of The Ohio Quarter will occur on March 18.


The First Flight Centennial Commission quarterly meeting will be held in Raleigh on March 20.


“2003 Committee” New York, Wright Brothers 2003, will meet March 28, 2002 at noon at the College of Aeronautics, LaGuardia Airport.


The AIAA Evolution of Flight Campaign Art Contest deadline has been extended to April 1, 2002.


The Society for History in the Federal Government’s annual meeting will be April 11, 2002 at the Library of Congress.  Tom Crouch, Roger Launius, Tony Springer and Sherry Foster will form a panel to discuss “Beyond Commemoration: The Wright Brothers Hundredth Anniversary and Collective Memory.”


The next meeting of the Evolution of Flight Committee Meeting will be April 24, 2002 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, 8-11 a.m. This meeting will take place in conjunction with the Global Air & Space 2002 International Business Forum and Exhibition, April 23-24, 2002.


The next public meeting of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry is scheduled for May 14, 2002.


The International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) has reserved space on its calendar for a history of aeronautics session at its 23rd Congress set to be held in Toronto, Ontario, September 8-13, 2002.  ICAS is closely aligned with the AIAA and has asked the AIAA History Committee to organize a history session for the conference.  More information is available on the ICAS Web site at www.icas.org


NASA Dryden Flight Research Center will be placing the Commission logo on their F-18 Active Aeroelastic Wing aircraft.


Have been in contact with Gregg Maryniak regarding the recreation of Lindbergh’s flight by his grandson Erik Lindbergh.


Aerospace States Association has pledged their interest in having a role in the Centennial commemoration.


We have been contacted by the Nebraska Centennial of Flight Steering Committee whose partners include the Air Force Association, FAA, Nebraska Department of Aeronautics, Nebraska State Historical Society, Ninety-Nines and the University of Nebraska.


Utah State University students are building a modern-day replica of the Wrights’ airplane. 


The phone number for Brad Horn, Executive Director, The Roger Richman Agency, Inc. was incorrect last month. The correct number is 310-276-7000 extension 111.


Outreach Activity:


Media Relations


CRT is working with Patty Wagstaff, who is developing a “Centennial maneuver” that she will perform at air shows in 2003. CNN has expressed an interest in showcasing her maneuver and CRT has been in contact with a reporter who would like to fly with her.


CRT is currently pitching travel stories and human interest stories.  


The media kit has been printed and distributed to all of CRT’s media contacts to date, including travel magazines, in-flight magazines and daily newspapers.


The brochure/poster is in the final stages and will be sent to print by the end of the month.


CRT has a meeting scheduled with Pace Communications for April 8. Pace owns three of the major in-flight magazines.


Rick Young filmed a segment on his Wright Flyer project with Bryant Gumbel of CBS Morning News on February 21.


Web site


The Web Enhancement procurement announcement is posted at www.asu.faa.gov under “Contracting Opportunities.”  The intent of this procurement is to obtain historical information for inclusion on the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission’s Web site regarding the Wright brothers that is credible, authentic, legitimate and educational. The procurement closes March 15, 2002.


New additions to our Web site in the next two weeks will include The Wright Experience’s “In Depth: The 1901 Glider” and “In Depth:  Engine No. 3.” Both features will be included in the Wright Brothers History section.


The 300+ images from the Wright brothers’ glass plates have been delivered to the Commission by the Library of Congress. These images can be viewed on our Web site at www.centennialofflight.gov/media/photo/congress/congress1.htm.


Press Releases


Press releases are available on the COFC Web site at www.centennialofflight.gov/aboutcommission.htm


March 11, 2002 – Lexis Nexis Joins Centennial Celebration


March 1, 2002 – First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board Chairman Receives Prestigious Honor


February 22, 2002 – Adventurer Plans First Solo Circumnavigation of the Poles


February 20, 2002 – NASA Administrator Remembers John Glenn’s Historic Flight


February 18, 2002 – Excitement for National Centennial of Flight Celebration Spreads Throughout the South & Mid-Atlantic


February 14, 2002 – U.S.  Aerospace Commission Votes to Issue Interim Report in March


February 6, 2002 – Aerospace Industry Giant Joins Centennial Celebration


January 31, 2002 – Inventing Flight Announces Major Sponsor Relationship with Lockheed Martin






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Completed Events:


The 13th Annual International Women in Aviation Conference was held in Nashville, TN, from March 13-15, 2002. Debbie Gallaway and the COFC exhibit were there.


A presentation was made to the Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy on March 14.  The ICAP is made up of representatives of the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, HHS, Justice, Interior, State, Treasury, and Veterans’ Affairs; EPA; GSA; NASA; NTSB; and TVA.


A presentation was made to the ATA Communications Committee on March 7.  CRT will follow up with ATA members individually.


A presentation was made to Glenn Mahone, NASA’s Assistant Administrator of Public Affairs on March 7.


The National Association of State Aviation Officials Annual Reception was March 5.


AIAA announced the publication of a book chronicling the life and work of Dr. Hans von Ohain. It was written by Margaret Conner and will be available in March 2002.


First Flight Centennial Celebration Steering Committee was held February 27 in Atlanta.


Debbie Gallaway made a presentation at the NASA Exhibit Consortium Meeting, held February 25-27 at Tysons Corner, VA.


A presentation was made to the staff of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry on February 21, 2002.  The Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry is potentially interested in partnering on an educational forum about the future of flight.