Air & Space (Smithsonian)   3/1/2003 Centennial Edition 100 Years of Flight Entire issue to dedicated to the Centennial celebration. Includes a list of 100 ways to celebrate the Centennial of Flight.  
Business North Carolina 27,500 3/1/2003 Thomas Parramore The Wright stuff Discusses the role the Wright brothers, and others from North Carolina, played in early aviation.  
The Seattle Times 224,140 3/6/2003 Jason Margolis The wonder of flight - 100 years since Kitty Hawk, Northwest museums celerbate how the Wright brothers changed the world Musuems across the country are celebrating the Centennial of Flight. Talks about the biggest museums in the northwest and mentions some of the special exhibits taking place.  
American Careers 400,000 Winter 2003 Ron Fowler Aviation Encourages high school students to explore careers in aviation. Mentions the national celebration taking place as well as the COFC Web site address.  
MSNBC Online   3/9/2003 Debbi Gardiner My turn: A moment of genius, years of obscurity An editorial written by Pearse's great great niece. Discusses the celebration taking place in the U.S. for the Wright brothers, and Americans disregard for Pearse's acheivements.  
The New York Times 1,113,300 3/14/2003 Sam Lubell Where man first flew, the open sky still beckons Discusses Kitty Hawk as a vacation spot. Talks about the 100th anniversary celebration as well as the re-enactment flight on Dec. 17, 2003.  
The News & Observer 163,295 3/15/2003 Gordon Clapp Flight's centennial will soar An editorial written by Gordon Clapp about Festival of Flight. Mentions Festival of Flight as a part of the COFC and the national celebration.  
Christian Science Monitor 74,814 3/10/2003 Patrik Jonsson First in flight: Ohio or North Carolina? Ohio and North Carolina are both planning celebrations in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first flight. They claim the rivalry is over between the states.  
Newsweek 3,125,151 3/17/2003 Debbi Gardiner A Moment of Genius, Years of Obscurity March marks the centennial of New Zealander Richard Pearse's first flight. Mentions the national celebration honoring the Wrights' in the US and the COFC.  
Dallas Morning News 521,956 3/30/2003 Mary Ellen Botter On the Wings of Genius: Wilbur and Orville Wright COF events and activities are planned in honor of the Wright brothers. Discusses the life and work of the Wright brothers. Travel
Dallas Morning News 521,956 3/30/2003 Mary Ellen Botter Events to mark aviation's birthday Discusses the major COF events taking place throughout the country. Travel
Dallas Morning News 521,956 3/30/2003 Mary Ellen Botter Dayton plans a whoop-de-do for its most famous sons A story about Inventing Flight and the events and activities that will be taking place during the celebration in Dayton. Travel