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The next meeting of the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission will be a joint meeting with the First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board. It will be held September 9, 2003 in Washington, D.C.


Upcoming events include Wolf Trap’s Face of America 2003: A Celebration of Flight, on September 6, 2003. In addition to honorary host Senator Warner, the following people have signed on to co-host: Secretary Gale Norton, Secretary Norman Mineta, Secretary of the Air Force James Roche, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe, National Park Service Director Fran Mainella, General Dailey, Colonel Charles McGee of the Tuskegee Airmen and Amanda Wright Lane. Buzz Aldrin has agreed to be the spokesperson.


Congratulations to everyone who worked tirelessly to make EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis., and GE Presents Centennial of Flight at Rockefeller Center huge successes!


The GAO Audit of the Commission for FY 2002 has been published. There were three findings, all of which the Commission concurred with.


**Please continue to add your Centennial of Flight related events and activities to the Centennial calendar of events.**


Partnership Updates:


2003 Gala Celebration of 100 Years of Aviation History in Cleveland is scheduled for August 29, 2003. Senator John Glenn and Mayor Jane Campbell are Honorary Co-Chairs.


By Act of Congress, the U.S. Mint has produced a series of commemorative coins. The First Flight Centennial Commemorative Coins are now on sale and a portion of the proceeds will support the First Flight Centennial Foundation and the Wright Brothers National Memorial Park.


FAA has launched a new centennial of flight Web site – www1.faa.gov/apa/centuryofflight/.


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of powered flight, the Virginia Air & Space Center will open the new $6.4 million Adventures in Flight gallery on November 7, 2003. The one million cubic foot Adventures in Flight gallery will immerse visitors in 100 years of aviation history from the origins of flight to the future of flight, celebrating the Centennial of Flight and heralding Hampton Roads role in commercial, civil and military aviation.  Visitors will take an aviation adventure from the origins of flight to the future of flight.    They will be able to wing walk on a recreated Jenny, see a replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer, explore a DC-9, take off and land on a US Navy carrier, ride in a World War II bomber, become an air traffic controller, build an airplane, sit inside the cockpit of a FA-22, and test their flying skills with a variety of simulators.  


-November 7 10:30 a.m. Official Opening Ceremony

-November 7 7 p.m. Opening Reception

-November 8 & 9       Grand Opening for the general public - Free admission


Upcoming U.S.  Air Force Museum events include:

·        "Glenn Miller Tribute" (Aug. 16) – an outdoor musical concert performed by the Air Force Band of Flight stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The concert is free to the public. This annual concert typically attracts between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors. 

·        Centennial Celebration of Aviation Art, “Those Magnificent Flyers" (Aug. 26-Sept. 30) – aviation art exhibit featuring the works of renowned aviation artist James Dietz.

·        Giant Scale Radio-Controlled Model Fly in (Aug. 29-31) – watch more than 250 of the nation's best RC pilots fly more than 750 different RC aircraft reflecting all eras of aviation history. The event features skilled and entertaining aerobatic piloting.


An Air Force Launch Controller at Patrick AFB requested to use the Commission logo on a patch they are designing to commemorate the December 19 launch of a Global Positioning System Satellite on a Delta II booster.


The U.S. Air Force Ball celebrating the 56th anniversary of the Air Force will use the Commission logo on the event program and the table cards.


NASA has provided memorabilia to Icarus International for the Century of Flight Time Capsule in Kitty Hawk.


The permanent NASA chief historian job is being advertised at

ifmpmsfc11.ifmp.nasa.gov/nasa/JobPosting/0a595bb7e970e502d2c45114582a9186/JobDetail on the Web. You may also search for it at www.nasajobs.nasa.gov/ on the Web.


Astronauts aboard the International Space Station recently photographed Wright Brothers National Memorial. The image is ISS007-E-7842, courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA JSC (eol.jsc.nasa.gov).


The Spoken Word: Recollections of Dryden History, The Early Years, edited by Curtis Peebles is Monograph in Aerospace History 30 (NASA SP-2003-4530). This interesting and informative set of oral history interviews, conducted by the Dryden History Office, covers the time period from the arrival of Walt Williams and the first group of NACA engineers at Muroc in 1946 to NASA's inception in 1958. It includes interviews with people such as Williams, Scott Crossfield and Betty Love.


Provided a large number of the 32 page centennial brochure to Visitor Center Operations at the NASA Stennis Space Center.


General Chuck Yeager, an American aviation legend and pioneer, will be awarded the Wings Club Distinguished Achievement Award on October 14, 2003. In honor of this special event, Aviation Week is presenting SPOTLIGHTmagazine -- a publication dedicated to the work, life and achievement of this hero. 


Staff from the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum have many speaking engagements throughout the centennial year on the Wright brothers or aspects of the invention of the airplane. August presentations include:


August 14:  Address the members of the American Airlines Credit Union,


August 19:  Address on aviation day, Wright Brothers National Memorial


Outreach Activity:


A Hawaii Aviation Committee has been established and is moving forward with a number of events statewide. The Coordinator is Ed Helmick, and he can be reached at hawaiiaviationcelebration@hawaii.gov. A Proclamation was signed by Governor Lingle proclaiming August 20, 2003, to be 50 Flags to Kitty Hawk Day.


Don Pearsons, National Chairman, Canada, reports they have been extremely busy:

·        June 6-8 – Launched the cross country Hot Air Balloon tour in Winnipeg,

great TV and media coverage and good weather all weekend.

·        June 21-22 – Quinte Air Show. Unveiled our Centennial Poster and also

received very nice media attention.

·        June 27-30 – London Air Show and Balloon Festival. Flew our winners in from the Youth Poster Contest. Three young ladies and one young fellow from Newfoundland, Winnipeg, Regina and one local girl from London. 

·        July 1st – Canada Day in Ottawa.  We were set up at the entrance to the

Canada Aviation Museum and had record attendance.

·        Snowbirds have completed about 60 venues of their 100 Towns for 100 Years Program. We have had the Hot Air Balloon at about 15 sites in addition to the major air shows.


The CCZ Group, Inc. has created erector sets honoring the first 100 years of flight. Each set will contain the Commission’s brochure, and the theme, “Born of Dreams - Inspired by Freedom,” will be on each box. The sets should be available in the United States in August. Their Web site is www.merkursets.com. Point of contact is Jan Cipkala, president CCZ Group Inc., at jc2512@bellsouth.net.


The USO of Hampton Roads 2004 Gala is scheduled for April 17, 2004 at the Portsmouth Renaissance Hotel.


DMJM Aviation, Inc., a builder of airports headquartered in Tampa, FL, will be using the Commission logo in a cover they are designing that will pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of flight. The cover will be used throughout 2003 on reports and presentations.


The Lafayette Airport Commission will be using the Commission logo on coloring books they will be handing out on Aviation Day.


David Blatner has written The Flying Book: Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Flying on Airplanes. You can visit the Web site at www.theflyingbook.com.


Discussing with Cosmos Studios and The Planetary Society how we might work together to better promote awareness of the centennial. They have developed a History of Flight mural which can be viewed on their Web site at www.carlsagan.com.


Provided materials to the Oregon Department of Aviation so they could create diarama pieces to augment their centennial display.


Provided materials to the Allen Parish Airport, site of EAA Chapter 614’s Annual Cajun Fly-In.


Wichita Aviation Festival’s finale is scheduled for September 18-21, 2003. Wichita is going PLANE CRAZY with aviation sculptures around the city, similar to the Chicago Cows. These can be viewed on their Web site at www.aviationfestival.com. The Thunderbirds and Patti Wagstaff will perform.


Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority will be using the Commission logo on shirts they will give to their airport staff.


CLH, Inc. is installing an Automatic Weather Observing System in Kitty Hawk for December. They will be using the Commission logo on baseball hats they will give to their staff.


The University of Texas at Austin, Aerospace Engineering Department, will be using the Commission logo on banners and posters celebrating the centennial of flight.


Provided centennial materials for the 90th anniversary luncheon of the Iroquois Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, in December 2003.


The Pinellas Public Library Cooperative is presenting a “launch party” to kickoff its community wide read of The Right Stuff at the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport on September 6, 2003.


Provided Commission materials to Banyan Air Service, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


Supported the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) in their efforts to obtain video and image resources for their promotional CD.


“Dawn Over Kitty Hawk,” a multimedia presentation and book signing by Walter Boyne will take place August 23, 2003.


CRT and the COFC are working on completing a short video about the history of flight that will be available in early fall.




The major events in July – Inventing Flight, AirVenture and Rockefeller Center – generated a great deal of national media attention. Dayton coverage included the Washington Post, CBS Early Show, Associated Press, LA Times and more. EAA’s AirVenture attracted MSNBC, CNN, BBC Radio, the Associated Press and Chicago Tribune, among others. Rockefeller Center has had some great coverage on NBC’s Today Show, and print coverage has included Newsday, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Washington Post and more. For more detailed reports of the media hits that have been generated through these events, please contact the appropriate partners. Overall, we were able to reach millions of people both nationally and internationally in the month of July.


U.S. News & World Report ran a cover story on the history of flight in the July 21 issue. CRT is also working with Newsweek and will continue to work with in hopes of receiving future coverage. 


Spoke to Bill Holmes, AP, Raleigh Bureau, about a number of centennial events.


The Funniest T-Shirts of 2003 by Bob Levey, Washington Post, August 4-5, 2003 was “Two Rights Do Not Make a Wrong. They Make an Airplane.”


Press Releases:


A number of press releases have been issued recently and are available on the COFC Web site. Releases are posted on the home page as well as in the media section.


August 8, 2003 – Ray Charles Update:  All Remaining 2003 Tour Dates Cancelled


August 7, 2003 – Renowned Historian to Participate in Centennial of Flight Celebration at Rockefeller Center


August 4, 2003 – National Park Service Releases Ticket Sales Update for First Flight Centennial Celebration


August 4, 2003 – World War 1 Aviation to Roar to Life at U.S. Air Force Museum


August 1, 2003 – FAA Issues Special Airworthiness Certificate for Experimental Aircraft Association’s 1903 Wright Flyer Reproduction


August 1, 2003 – Cirrus Soars at First Flight Celebration


July 30, 2003 – New Aerospace Exhibit Commemorates Centennial of Flight


July 30, 2003 – The National Air Tour 2003 Announces Ford Motor Company as Sponsor


July 30, 2003 – The National Air Tour 2003 Announces Pilots and Aircraft for Historic Flight Re-creation


July 29, 2003 – Two ‘Pilots of the Century’ Named for Re-enactment of Wright Brothers’ Historic Flight of EAA’s Countdown to Kitty Hawk


July 29, 2003 – Air Force Celebrates Centennial of Flight in Rockefeller Center


July 28, 2003 – U.S. Air Force Re-enacts Berlin Airlift Candy Drop


July 25, 2003 – Vandeventer Black Law Firm Gives Boost to First Flight Centennial Celebration


July 25, 2003 – “America’s Band” The Beach Boys to Bring Fun Fun Fun to First Flight Centennial Celebration


July 24, 2003 – Inventing Flight Announces Preliminary Results of Celebration


July 23, 2003 – Visitors Flock to Celebrate Flight at Wright Brothers National Memorial During Historic Centennial Year


July 23, 2003 – National Park Service Releases Ticket Sales Update for First Flight Centennial Celebration


July 22, 2003 – Pioneering Technology Demonstrators Find Home at U.S. Air Force Museum


July 17, 2003 – Announcing Space Day 2004 …Blazing Galactic Trails


July 17, 2003 – USAF-Sponsored NASCAR Showcar Coming to U.S. Air Force Museum


July 14, 2003 – Second Weekend Attendance Exceeds 150,000 People


July 10, 2003 – U.S. Air Force Museum to Formally Take Possession of Pioneering Technology Demonstrators


Web site:


New material on Women in Aviation has been added under Sights and Sounds category.


The Contributing Editor for Nursing Spectrum, the widest read nursing magazine in the U.S., is using material from the Web site.


The Assistant Editor for Legacy magazine, a publication of the National Association for Interpretation, is using material from the Web site.


Virtual Learning Systems is creating an online, multi-media science curriculum for middle school children aligned with the National Science Education Standards, and have requested the use of material from our Web site.


The August edition of Fine Arts Magazine will feature articles on Aviation and Space Art. They will be using an article that appears on our Web site, “Aviation and Space Art in the 20th Century,” by Anne Simmons.


Web Trends for July 2003 show 1.6 million hits to the Web site and approximately 68,000 unique visitors.


Partners’ press releases have been added to the Web site. Please continue to send your press releases, and pictures if you have them, via e-mail to CRT to post on the site.


Educational Outreach Activities:


The Commission staff has been contacted by an extraordinary number of schools, including home schools, museums and libraries requesting copies of our educational resources and the exhibit. Examples include:  Parks and Recreation Department, Holmen, WI; Calico Rock Elementary School, Calico Rock, AR; Schnecksville Elementary School, Orefield, PA; Rainbow Christian Academy, Colorado Springs, CO; Fred L. Wilson Elementary, Kannapolis, NC; Director of Marketing, National Science Center, August, GA; The Gray’s Homeschool, Tucson, AZ; Cub Scout Pack, Andalusia, IL; Cub Scout Pack 97, Fort Worth, TX; Mountain Top School, Knightdale, NC; Cool School, Lawrenceville, GA; Weder Homeschool, Lancaster, PA; Library Information Specialist, Bear Creek School, Lakewood, CO; Moore Elementary School, Bath, PA; Library Media Specialist, Locust School, Locust, NC; Family First Learning, Macon, GA; Camp Smiles, Lakewood, NJ; Covenant Academy, Valley Center, KS; Ridgeroad Middle Charter School, Little Rock, AK; ROTC Instructor, Union Intermediate High School, Broken Arrow, OK; Science Center of Iowa, Des Moines, IA; Rock Springs Middle School, Smyrna, TN; Trinity Lutheran School, Hicksville, NY; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Meriden, CT; Piltz Ave. School, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; Bridge School, Middlebury, VT; Mast Way Elementary School, Lee, NH; Hamilton Christian School, Hamilton, OH; Independent Education Consultant, Tarpon Springs, FL; Eagle Academy, Elko, MN; Somerset County 4-H airplane club, Somerset County, NJ; Creekwood Academy Homeschool, Prior Lake, MN; Pure in Heart Academy, Bowling Green, KY; Teacher of the Academically Gifted, Summerfield Elementary School, Summerfield, NC; Covenant Christian Academy, Huntsville, AL; Grace Academy, Middletown, NJ; High Point Regional High School, Sussex, NJ; Holy Family Homeschool, Amherst, NY; Wampler Christian Academy, Salisbury, MD; JRO Schoolhouse, Matthews, NC; Rutherfordton Elementary, Rutherfordton, NC; Learning Lighthouse Christian Homeschool, DeSoto, TX; Sycamore Academy, San Antonia, TX; Pine Drive Baptist School, Dickinson, TX; Physical Science Department, Morehead State University, Morehead, KY; Beth Olson Learning Opportunities, Suwanee, GA; Gray’s Academy, Ridgeland, SC; Providence Christian Home School, Franklinville, NC; The Italian Christian Institute, Cape Coral, FL; Chapman Academy, Sarasota, FL; Library Media Specialist, Blue Springs, MO; The Homeschool Association of South Jersey, Brigantine, NJ; Bierbrauer Academy, Hudson, WI; Franklin School, Huntsville, AL; Haddonfield Middle School, Haddonfield, NJ; Skinner Academy, Lincoln, NE; Fort Worth ISD, Fort Worth, TX; Faith Academy, Taylorsville, NC; Bowman Christian Academy, Patrick Springs, VA; Wroton Homeschool, Morrison, CO; Our Lady Queen of Angels Academy, Victorville, CA; Spanish Oak Academy, Greensboro, NC; Union Elementary, Biggsville, IL; Bay Springs Middle School, Villa Rica, GA; Rutherford Elementary School, Stillwater, MN; J. F. Tatem School, Haddonfield, NJ; Womack Homeschool, Louisville, KY; Glenn Academy, Guthrie, OK; Lukeion Academy, Thomasville, NC; Helaman’s Academy, Redmond, WA; Raynebow Institute of Arts and Sciences, New Port Richey, FL; Faith Academy, Simi Valley, CA; Alawine Homeschool, Ocean Springs, MS; Houle Family Homeschool, Front Royal, VA; Waterridge Homeschool Academy, Flint, Texas; Kings Forest Christian Academy, Greensboro, NC; MacCailein Mor Academy; special education teacher, Framingham, MA; Morris Homeschool, Kingsport, TN; Science Department Head, public middle school; L3 Academy, Oak Park, IL; In God’s Hands Christian School, Selma, AL; Franck Homeschool, Howell, MI; Harrisburg Academy, Harrisburg, NC; Woodside Academy, Stephens City, VA; Adventureland Academy PS DC, Topeka, KS; Eagles’ Nest Free School, Herscher, IL; Hipsher Classical Homeschooling, Wabash, IN; cub scout pack and girl scout troop, Forth Worth, TX; Pak Homeschool, Holley, NY; The French Academy, Marion, OH; Johnson Homeschool, Rockford, IL; Highland Farm Homeschool, Burlington, NC; Lively Institute, Phoenix, AZ; Sand Lake Christian Academy, Orlando, FL; Franklin Academy, Pearland, TX; Robbins Academy, Philadelphia, PA; D’MockingBird Homeschool, Tooele, UT; The Hirsch Academy of Homeschooling, Franklin Park, IL; Gifted Students Program, Carlsbad, CA; Farmer Christian, Bunn, NC; Chiefland Elementary School, Chiefland, FL; Pathways School, Santa Rosa, CA; Freedom Academy, Deltona, FL; Wellington Academy, DeLand, FL; Kids Academy, Montgomery, AL; Canterbury Homeschool, Millers Ferry, AL; Cypress Academy, Wichita Falls, TX; BADL’s Christian Academy, Elkridge, MD; West Blocton Middle School, West Blocton, AL; Tyson Homeschool, Cumming, GA; Stoneybrook Academy, Fayetteville, NC; Emmanuel Christian Academy, Four Oaks, NC; Whitfield Academy, Lewes, DE; St. Bernadette Elementary School Library, Silver Spring, MD; Catawba County school system, Newton, NC; Lawrence Hall of Science, Museum Programs, UC Berkeley, CA; Round Top Elementary School, Blythewood, SC; Kindred Hearts, Lexington, KY; 1st and 2nd grades, Hamilton, Ohio; Morgan Elementary School, Gold Hill, NC; Black Mountain Elementary School, Golden Valley, AZ; Snow Branch Library, Dearborn, MI; Auxvasse Elementary School, Auxvasse, MO; and Gower West Elementary School, Willowbrook, IL.


Terre Eldridge, the 1999 First Flight Teacher of the Year, is planning a number of centennial activities for her class this year with the help of Commission educational materials. The activities will culminate with an all-school assembly on December 17th with the 4th graders presenting a play about the Wright brothers and their contribution to NC history.


Met with representatives of EAA, Tuskegee Airmen, Black Airline Pilots Association. and others concerning minority education programs.


Participated in EAA Educator Workshops and provided the COF VIP Educator Kit to over 1000 educators. Educational sessions were conducted by NASA, CAP, FAA, EAA, and others.  Dr. Loston, AA for NASA’s Office of Education spoke to the teachers during the kick off of the event.


Met with Dr. Siudzinski, Dir. of Ed., EAA, and Milt Hassel, Dir. of Distance Learning for EAA.


Attended an all day Museum Day meeting with museum directors and staff from Air and Space Museums from around the US and abroad.


Met with officials from NASM, EAA, NASAO, and 99s, NASA, the National Park Service, Women in Aviation and the FAA.                                    


To date, over 100,000 copies of the COF Educational Kit and over 50,000 each of the Wright brothers OH and NC posters have been disseminated to thousands of students, educators, science centers, museums, libraries and informal aerospace-related institutions across the country.


Provided educational material to Adam Gorski, part-time museum coordinator for the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum, in Champaign, IL.


Provided educational material to Smith Middle School, Chapel Hill, NC, who was selected to participate in the Dreams of Flight grant which is officially endorsed by the First Flight Centennial Commission.

Provided educational materials to the co-chair of a committee sponsoring a luncheon for teachers whose theme is “I Believe I Can Fly.” The children in Chesapeake, VA, will study flight, the history of flight and the Wright brothers.


C. Haskell Elementary School will be using the Commission logo in their newsletters, brochures and posters they have developed to celebrate the centennial of flight.


Provided materials to Dr. Michael Wallace, a professor at Morehead State University, who is having his elementary education students develop a science unit on flight.


Artist Educator Daphne Lunge has been working with elementary students in LA to create an outdoor sculpture commemorating the 100th anniversary of flight. Her project is entitled “Focus on Flight” and consists of a model of a Wright Glider, a helicopter and an airplane, all of which will hang from the main structure of the sculpture.


The Minnesota State Fair will feature the 4-H group teaching youth and families how to make planes and do simple flight activities. They will have a Wright model airplane made by aerospace students at the University of Minnesota. Commission educational material will be distributed.


Provided educational materials to an educational consultant with USBOURNE Books.


Provided educational materials to the Math/Technology Department Chair at the Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology, Petersburg, VA.


Education student at Arizona State University is beginning her field and student teaching for 4-8th grade Math and Science with the help of Commission educational resources.


Requests for Information, Exhibits, etc.:


Space Day 2004 was launched this month and they would like to have up-to-date information from all of you as soon as possible in order to facilitate coverage of SpaceDay in your publications, at your Web sites, via your listservs, etc. Please respond to let them know what types of communication vehicles your organization has, i.e. newsletters, magazines, online, broadcast, listservs, and the appropriate contact for each.  Please respond toShelly Fletcher, Devillier Communications Inc., (202) 833-8121 ext. 3012, sfletcher@devillier.com.


The COFC provided materialsfor public diplomacy purposes to the American Embassy in Cairo and to The American Cultural Center in Alexandria, Egypt. If you would like to send materials you can send an email to James Hugh Geoghegan, Director, The American Center, JGeoghegan@pd.state.gov.


Visual Art Exchange, the producer of the Raleigh Street Painting Festival, is seeking groups to provide flight-related activities, educational booths, etc. on September 20-21. The theme for the 5th annual festival is “First Flight.” The event is at the BTI Center (Raleigh Memorial Stadium) and attracts between 15,000–20,000 people each year. Please contact Michelle Harrell at MHARRELL@wcpss.net.


Terry Dean from Charlottesville Airport is planning a centennial exhibit from October to December 2003 and would be interested in materials and exhibits. Her email is tdean@gocho.com and her phone number is 434-973-8342.


Matt McGuire, an AP History teacher at James Madison High School, VA, is looking for ways for his students to become involved in the centennial of flight. He can be reached at Mmcguirejmhs@aol.com.


Provided materials for an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of flight at the Lakeview Senior Village Retirement Community, Lenexa, KS. 700-800 people are expected to attend including local senior organizations such as Senior Friends. The exhibit will be held in late November or early December, 2003. The exhibit will include aviation and space (robotic and human exploration) displays e.g. personal displays by veterans of previous wars and by commercial and private pilots; aviation and space models, poster displays and handout materials. If you would like more information or have materials you could provide the point of contact is Hank Nauert, hanken3D@msn.com.


Completed Activities/ Events:


The Miracles, Detroit’s first Motown group to be commemorated with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, were at Inventing Flight’s Celebration Central on July 18.


Celebrated artist Dean Mosher’s 10 foot by 8 foot painting, The Bishop’s Painting, which was unveiled in the Lockheed Martin Pavilion. The painting was commissioned by the Ohio Bicentennial Commission, Inventing Flight and Amanda Wright Lane. The painting is dedicated to Dr. Tom Crouch. Mr. Mosher is the Historian General of the Naval Order of the United States.