Centennial of Flight Logo




NASA and NASM have been unanimously approved as Centennial Partners.


Third Millennium Entertainment was unanimously approved as a Centennial Media Patron. Projects under development by the group include a three-hour television special, centennial moments, educational components and more.


Memoranda of Agreement are in the signature loop with the Chicago Centennial of Flight Commission; Mr. Greg Herrick, President of the Aviation Foundation of American, Inc.; the Challenger Center for Space Science Education; and Space Day Foundation. We are beginning discussions with the Virginia Air and Space Center and Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts.


The information call for the 2002 National Plan was sent out on June 28 and responses are due on August 16, 2002.


Partnership Updates


On July 18, 2002, COFC will meet with Kathy Kraninger, Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary, Assistant to the Secretary for Policy. She will represent DOT on the First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board.


The Commission’s exhibit will be at the Dayton Air Show July 20-21, 2002.


There will be an educational workshop in Fayetteville, N.C., on August 16, 2002.  Approximately 120 fourth grade teachers will be in attendance.


Senator DeWine and NPS Director Mainella are scheduled to visit National Aviation Heritage National Historic Park on August 19, National Aviation Day (which is also Orville’s and Katherine’s birthday).


The International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) has reserved space on its calendar for a history of aeronautics session at its 23rd Congress set to be held in Toronto, Ontario, September 8-13, 2002. ICAS is closely aligned with the AIAA and has asked the AIAA History Committee to organize a history session for the conference. More information is available on the ICAS Web site at www.icas.org.


The NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP) presents the new Science and Technology Journalism K-12 competition for the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 school years – “Reflecting upon the Adventures in Flight.” Entry due date is January 31, 2003.  Go to NASA for theme resources at www.aerospace.nasa.gov/centuryofflight. For complete details and to obtain the entry form, please visit education.nasa.gov/nsip.


The original Langley Aerodrome and a replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer are on display together for the first time at the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Va. The exhibit will run through September.


Finalizing “The 1902 Glider, How the Problem of Control was Solved” educational poster. Final edits on the existing Wright brothers' posters have been made.  Both of these posters will be reprinted.   


The Air Force Research Laboratory Science Fair Program Manager will use the Commission logo on their Century of Flight Award, which will be given to students with outstanding aerospace-related science fair projects in 2003.


Aerospace Education exhibit at AirVenture 2002 will include two upgraded panels. Their themes are the Centennial of Flight and the AECC programs contributing to the NASA vision and mission.


Aviation Week’s Next Century of Flight will be hosting the COFC exhibit and distributing our brochures and posters at Farnborough.


Aviation World’s Fair 2003 is publishing a newsletter. To subscribe, contact newsletter@worldofwings.com.


United States Air Force Fact Sheet has been published, detailing the centennial events planned by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.



Outreach Activity:


Carter Ryley Thomas (CRT) has begun planning for the national kick-off celebration on December 17, 2002. CRT is also working with the FAA to integrate their annual December 17 educational event with the kick-off event.


We are working with Rockefeller Center to develop a significant three-week event/exhibit to be held in March 2003. Event would possibly include a significant media component.


On July 15, 2002, CRT met with the National Park Service and Keith Ifould, Director Group Business Development, RAF Museum, about potential cooperative efforts. Currently researching technical needs to support joint broadcast project.


On July 10, 2002, we met with Terrence Jones, President and CEO of Wolf Trap.  We discussed ways we might work together to celebrate the centennial, and also discussed plans they have to theme their 2003 special performance around the centennial commemoration.


The Commission has provided posters and bookmarks for an Alabama Aerospace Teachers’ Association (AATA) Conference to be held July 22-24. Teachers from all over the state of Alabama will be in training sessions for the new von Braun Scholars programs that AATA will be implementing.


Don Born, President of Born Aviation products, Inc., will be distributing a copy of the new Commission brochure with each package of merchandise he ships.


The Commission has been contacted by Toyoaki Munemoto, Manager, Sales Promotion, Japan Travel Bureau. The Japan Travel Bureau is planning to organize a group tour in 2003 to study the footsteps of the Wright brothers.


We are working with an editor from American Airlines Publishing in regards to a bi-yearly children’s magazine they publish. CRT is working with her to develop ideas for a November 2002 “Centennial of Flight” feature.


Have been contacted by Tina Swindell of NASA. She and her husband have written and performed 3 songs that have been used by NASA. Two of the three videos have won national Addy awards. They are interested in exploring ways in which the videos can be used in the centennial celebration.


Media Relations


The Chief Editor of Advanced Materials and Processes, a monthly publication of ASM International, has asked to use the Commission logo on the cover of each issue in 2003, and would like to use the logo in a series of articles describing aircraft and pioneers of flight.


The “Red and Rover” comic strip by Brian Bassett featured the Wright brothers in the July 11th Washington Post.


Legends of Air Power is running in Detroit, Tampa, Denver, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Chattanooga, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Norfolk, Jacksonville, Colorado Springs, El Paso, Amarillo and Reno.


Each Monday until the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ flight on December 17, 2003, the Dayton Daily News will showcase great moments in a century of flight.


Rick Beyer, Executive Producer, Smash Entertainment Group, who is producing a documentary for The History Channel, has contacted the Commission. Brian Ellis will meet with Mr. Beyer at Oshkosh.


Russ Hodge was interviewed on Radio America Network on July 16, 2002. Topics include Legends of Airpower and the Gus McLeod Pole to Pole Project.


Team America was covered on Fox TV 8 News in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 21, 2002. The broadcast contained demonstration launches, some with the North Royalton High School’s Rocketry Club and some with the Team America Rocketry Challenge team (AIA).


The Newspaper in Education Coordinator for the Salina Kansas Journal will run a serialized story about the Wright brothers starting January 2003. A chapter of the story will run each week in all the papers with the primary focus being children in grades 2-5.



Web site


New additions to our Web site include the minutes to the June 19, 2002 Commission meeting, which may be found online at www.centennialofflight.gov/aboutcommission.htm.


Other additions include the 1899 Kite by Dr. Tom Crouch, the new Commission brochure and the Theories of Flight essays.


Airports Council International-North America has linked their homepage (http://www.aci-na.org/) to the Centennial of Flight Commission Web site. This was requested by one of our Advisory Board members, Dr. Sylvia Stewart.



Press Releases


A number of press releases have been issued recently and are available on the COFC Web site at www.centennialofflight.gov/aboutcommission.htm.


July 16, 2002 – Fayetteville Festival of Flight 2003 and Aviation Week Announce Next Century of Flight Media Partnership


July 15, 2002- Delta Air Lines Supports Next Century of Flight Program to Promote Aviation Education and Careers


July 11, 2002 – Historic UK-US Aviation “Special Relationship” to be Remembered, Reaffirmed During Farnborough Air Show.


July 1, 2002 – U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission Names Third Millennium Entertainment as Media Patron.


July 1, 2002 – First Flight Centennial Pavilion Gets Major Boost from American Airlines AAdvantage


June 27, 2002 – Rival Aircraft From “First Flight” Race Come Face-to-Face After 100 Years


June 26, 2002 – U.S. Aerospace Commission Issues Third Interim Report Addressing Industrial Base, Space, and Workforce


June 25, 2002 – U.S. Aviation Technology Hub to Court UK Prospects at Farnborough, London


June 24, 2002 – Parker Hannifin Announces Next Century of Flight Partnership to Promote Aviation Education and Careers


June 19, 2002 – Gulfstream Aerospace Unveils First Production GV-SP, Newest Business Jet to Display First Flight Centennial Emblem


June 10, 2002 – First Flight Centennial at Major Licensing Show


June 2, 2002 – U.S. Air Force and Third Millennium Entertainment Announce Television Specials for 2003 Centennial of Flight Celebrations


May 22, 2002 – Work Begins on New Pilot Facility at Wright Brothers National Memorial





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Completed Events:


Primedia, one of our Media Patrons, met with the North Carolina First Flight Centennial Partners on July 16, 2002.


On July 15, we presented a session about the COFC Web site and distributed materials to 25 educators at Andrews AFB who are participating in a CAP workshop that includes visits to LaRC, GSFC and KSC.


Visited “The Wright Experience” on July 14 with a group of educators.


The Congressional Hunger Center hosted a farewell to Congressman Tony Hall on July 10, 2002.


On July 8, 2002, participated in the Federal Interagency Committee on Education and displayed the COFC Exhibit at the Army Education Summit with 31 other organizations.


Presented information about the COFC and educational resources to a group of 25 educators at NASM on June 26. The group was participating in an educator workshop at LaRC and was in Washington for the day. We also traveled to LaRC to present information about the COFC to a group of educators participating in a NASA Educational Workshop and met with the Director of Education, the Deputy Director and members of the NASA Connect team.


Aerospace Caucas luncheon for the Aviation World’s Fair 2003 was held on June 26. There was an introduction by Congressman Weldon and remarks from Senators Warner and Allen. Tom Kallman and Ron Sconyers, Executive Director – Steering Committee, also spoke.


U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission meeting was held June 19, 2002.


Debbie Gallaway traveled to Italy June 18-24 at the invitation of the Caproni family. She met with the Caproni family in Milan, viewed aviation artifacts and   visited the Caproni home in Venegono. She toured the monastery where numerous Caproni aircraft and thousand of aviation records are stored. During her trip, Debbie also met with industry managers from Aermacchi. She visited the Caproni Museum in Trento, where she viewed Wright artifacts and met with museum staff. She visited Mestre and saw the Zanardo Wright 03 replica and a video of it flying. Debbie also viewed an exact replica of the first Bleriot, which repeated the Channel crossing this past year.  She traveled to Arezzo and saw the number 6 Wright engine, which includes parts from numerous Wright engines, run. During her trip, she met the President of the Italian Aero Club, the President of the Retired Pilots Association, the son and grandson of Calderara, and met with the Italian Air Force Chief of Staff.