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The next Centennial of Flight Commission meeting is scheduled for October 4, 2001 from 1 – 5 p.m. in NASA HQS Bldg. In Room 9H40.


A contract for COFC Outreach Services was awarded to Carter Ryley Thomas Public Relations & Marketing Counsel.


The Web Enhancement procurement has been advertised two times. Awards to the Library of Congress and the Wright Experience were made in the first round. Awards in round two are imminent.


Many thanks to EAA for hosting our exhibit at Oshkosh.


On June 13, Tom Crouch and Sherry Foster participated in the “Maryland Aviation History” meeting at the College Park Aviation Museum.


On June 15, an Aviation Education Initiatives meeting was hosted by General Dailey. Representatives from CAP, NBAA, NASM, NASA and COFC attended.


U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission meeting on July 10, 2001.


On July 18, 2001, there was a breakfast presentation for Senator Jesse Helms, Senator John Edwards, Congressman Robin Hayes, Congressman Mike McIntyre and others by the Festival of Flight 2003 Board. This event is being planned for May 16-26, 2003, in Fayetteville, NC.


The first meeting of the First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board took place on August 9, 2001.


Tony Springer selected as NASA Coordinator for Centennial of Flight. Tony can be reached at tony.springer@hq.nasa.gov or 202-358-0848.


On August 20, Debbie Gallaway visited The Franklin Institute Science Museum to learn more about the Wright Brothers Aeronautical Engineering Collection.


Debbie Gallaway participated in the McGraw-Hill Education/Aviation Week Next Century of Flight Campaign Planning Meeting on August 22, 2001.


The First Flight Centennial Celebration Steering Committee met on August 22, 2001.


Tom Crouch and Sherry Foster attended the August 24, 2001, Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Aviation World’s Fair in Newport News, Virginia.  Senators Warner and Allen attended as did many state and local officials.


Debbie Gallaway attended the AIAA Educational Summit held at the AIAA Space 2001 Conference and Exposition in Albuquerque, New Mexico from August 28-30.


Participated in the Pavilion content meeting sponsored by the First Flight Centennial Foundation and the NPS on August 29, 2001.


Brian Ellis and Sherry Foster met with Senator Warner’s staff on September 6, 2001 to discuss the role of the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission (COFC).


Debbie Gallaway presented what’s going on with the centennial celebration, ideas for how folks can get involved and how to involve others in their state at the Aerospace Education Services Program on September 10-11.


September 27-28 is the Wright State University Symposium entitled “Following the Footsteps of the Wright Brothers: Their Sites and Stories.”


October 22-25 is the International Symposium on the History of Flight sponsored by the First Flight Centennial Commission.


GAO audit is close to completion.


There is a First Flight Centennial Commission meeting scheduled for October 5, 2001. Tom Lambeth has been appointed by the Governor of North Carolina as the Chairman of the First Flight Centennial Commission effective July 1, 2001.  Commissioners elected Russell Walker as Vice Chairman.


A Symposium sponsored by Airbus, NASA and Women in Aviation International is planned for November 1.  The title of the Symposium is “Women in Aerospace:  Pioneers, Leaders and Policymakers:  A Contemporary Renaissance.”


Civil Air Patrol will celebrate their 60th Anniversary Gala on December 1, 2001 at the National Air and Space Museum.


Larry Belli, Outer Banks Group Superintendent, NPS, is setting up a briefing for the new NPS Director that will include Ohio, North Carolina and the COFC.


The MOA between the COFC, NASA, and Inventing Flight: Dayton 2003 is in the final signature loop.


The MOA between the COFC, NASA, and EAA is in the final signature loop.


Dr. Tom Crouch was recognized by Wright State University as a 2001 Recipient of an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree.


Texas A & M University Press has announced they will celebrate the centennial with a new series of books that assess and reflect on the development of aviation.  General editor of the series is Dr. Roger Launius, NASA Chief Historian.


Debbie Gallaway conducted web chats about the Wright brothers and the COFC to hundreds of educator participants in the NASA Educational Workshop (NEW) Program.


First Flight Centennial Foundation is working with the U.S. Mint to issue three First Flight Commemorative Coins. Design ideas are being solicited.


The COFC’s Educational Resources Matrix was selected as a “Best Bet” on the USA Today Education Web site from July 10-15.


The August 2001 Web Trends data for the COFC site shows the number of “hits” jumping from approximately 140,000 in July to a little less than 200,000 in August.


New features on the COFC web site include “Sights & Sounds of Aviation,” a searchable Calendar of Events, the update of the original Wright Brothers bibliography by the Library of Congress, minutes to prior COFC meetings, and new press releases.  A process for providing special recognition in the form of a small airplane on the Calendar was approved.  The COFC web site now appears on the NASA Home Page.


Articles about the centennial celebration:


            -NASA History News and Notes, Vol. 18, No. 3, August 2001


            -Aviation Week & Space Technology, July 23, 2001


            -Space Times, the Magazine of the American Astronautical Society, July-August 2001


-Aviation for Women, the official publication of Women in Aviation, International,     July/August 2001.


Press releases:


            -Ford Motor Company is Countdown to Kitty Hawk Presenting Sponsor, July 24,2001


            -U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission Selects Firm for Outreach Support, July 17, 2001.


            -U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission and AIAA’s Evolution of Flight Campaign Announce Alliance, June 27, 2001.


            -“AIAA Is Making Strides to Commemorate the Centennial and Future of Flight” announces the July 14-17, 2003 International Symposium and Exposition in celebration of 100 years of powered flight.  This will be co-sponsored by the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences.


            -September 4, 2001 Return To Kitty Hawk – On September 8 and 9, members of the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company of Dayton flew a replica of the Wright brothers’ 1901 glider.