Centennial of Flight Commission

This publication provides guidelines for correct usage of the Centennial of Flight Commission (COFC) logo. Usage needs that are not defined in this publication must be reviewed and approved separately by the Commission.

The Commission's identity is defined by these logos and their correct and consistent usage. Successful brand recognition will be reinforced by consistent design application, and the use of limited color versions will maximize the logo's impact . This publication provides basic tools to maintain the integrity of the COFC look, and includes the following key elements:

          • the logo
          • logo color versions
          • approved colors
          • background contrast
          • usages to avoid
          • typography and font usage.

The COFC logo should be reproduced only from original electronic files available from the Commission. Licensing authorization should accompany these files and under no circumstances can the logo be used without the formal written consent of the Commission.

Following these simple guidelines will continue to create a consistent and professional look for the Commission. For more information, please contact :

Sharon C. Foster
Executive Director
Centennial of Flight Commission

300 E Street SW
Washington, DC 20546-0001

TEL (202) FLT-1903

EMAIL: sfoster@hq.nasa.gov

WEB: www.centennialofflight.gov