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Gus McLeod Announces Departure Date To South Pole

February 4, 2004

Due to high winds and low clouds in Ushuaia today, Gus was not able to perform any test flights. But, after meeting with the meteorologist and his flight support team, Gus announced that he tentatively plans to depart Argentina on Friday February 6 to attempt the dangerous roundtrip flight around the South Pole. He has been waiting for clear weather to avoid icy conditions through Drake Passage, the expanse of water between the tip of South America and Antarctica. This will be the most difficult section of the flight. Gus expects 75 mph crosswinds creating ocean swells up to 50 feet, making survival highly unlikely in the event of an emergency landing. Although Gus has a water survival suit, he realizes it would not help him in such severe conditions. And since the suit is so hot, bulky and uncomfortable, he has decided not to wear it. However, during the flight to the pole Gus will be wearing an electric “hot suit” and carrying arctic survival gear. If he must make an emergency landing it may be impossible for a rescue team to find him for some time. Gus asks for everyone to keep him in their thoughts and prayers as he prepares for the journey.

For further information about Gus’ trip and for audio/visual materials, please visit http://www.gusmcleod.com. For more detailed audio transmissions, please contact Josh Brooks or Karl Stoll at 3 Roads Communications.


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