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Aviation Week logoWith nearly 50 products and services and a core audience of some one million professionals and enthusiasts, the Aviation Week division of The McGraw-Hill Companies is the world's premier multimedia information and service provider to the aviation and aerospace market. The cornerstone of the Aviation Week portfolio is Aviation Week & Space Technology, the world's leading aviation and aerospace industry magazine covering technology, business and operations in the commercial, military and space markets for more than 100,000 paid subscribers in 130 countries. Its Internet portal,, offers the industry's most reliable, real-time news, information and e-business features.

Aviation Week's The Next Century of Flight is a multimedia education initiative dedicated to helping the global aerospace industry capitalize on the 100th anniversary of powered flight in 2003 and position itself for generations to come. The program has three core objectives:

  • Re-ignite the spirit of the global aerospace industry.
  • Raise worldwide awareness of the importance of the industry and its bold vision of the future.
  • Inspire young people to pursue careers in aviation and aerospace.

The program harnesses nearly 50 different information products and services, including its Internet portal and partnerships with institutions and companies around the world, to tell the story of aviation's first century and its vision for the next. With McGraw-Hill Education Publishing, they expect to connect The Next Century of Flight message to 30 percent of U.S. classrooms by 2003, 40 percent by 2005.


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