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National Air Tours
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One of the two Swallow aircraft in the 1925 National Air tour, equipped with a Curtiss OX5 engine, is shown departing Ford Airport. Edsel B. Ford, one of two official starters for the 1925 tour, can be seen with the large starting flag.
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In September 2003 the Aviation Foundation of America is sponsoring the re-creation of the 1925-1931 National Air Tours. The re-creation will be held in the fall of 2003 in celebration of the centennial of powered flight. From September 8, 2003 through September 24, 2003, weather permitting, the tour will fly approximately 25 rare vintage aircraft over a 4,000 mile route visiting more than two-dozen cities and towns in 21 states and the District of Columbia. This is a grass roots effort; all aircraft and pilots are volunteers.


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