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Space Day Foundation
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Robert Krulwich, Cyber Space Day webcast host, interviews Orlando Figueroa, of NASA's Mars Exploration program.

The Space Day Foundation is a private operating foundation dedicated to space-related education. Its mission is to motivate students to acquire the math, science and technical skills needed in the workforce of the future. Its core activity is Space Day, the award-winning educational initiative that nurtures young people’s enthusiasm for the wonders of the universe. The annual Space Day celebration is the capstone of a massive grassroots effort reaching hundreds of thousands of teachers and millions of students in the U.S., Canada and beyond. Currently, there are 75 Space Day Partners, including NASA.

The Space Day Foundation will use the Space Day 2003 celebration to complement the COFC’s celebration of the Centennial. The theme for 2003 will be “Space Day 2003: Celebrating the Future of Flight.” Space Day promotional and education initiatives will springboard from the celebration of the Centennial of Flight.


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